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Agricultural Research

Soil test immediately after the harvest. Then apply aglime in fall.

Aglime reacts at varying rates under different soil and weather conditions. Best results occur when it is applied in fall to assure needed reduction of acidity by planting time.

Crop response to aglime is greatest when incorporated. If you fall plow, fall application is your best alternative - another reason to soil test early.


Brookville Lime manufactures one of the highest quality dolomitic aglimes in eastern North America.

Brookville aglime has a minimum of 50% passing a 100 mesh screen.

The higher the soil pH the more available nutrients are for plant growth. The following two charts indicate the availability of limestone based on sieve analysis and the pH range to make each nutrient reach its potential.

Dolomitic Lime

Calcium 21%, Magnesium 11.5%
Neutralizing Value 100%
(Values are representative of normal production analysis.)
Available in Bulk
22.7 KG Bag

Calcitic Lime

Calcium 37%, Neutralizing Value 94%
Values are representative of normal production analysis.)
Available in
40 KG Bag

Commonly asked questions on availability to soil pH and nutrient availability are:

Q. How does particle size influence the effectiveness of agricultural limestone?

A. As fineness of grind increases, the reactivity and effectiveness of aglime also increase. A reduction in particle size causes an increase in total reactive surface area of the product itself, enabling it to dissolve and raise the soil pH more rapidly and thoroughly than coarser ground product.

Q. Does conventionally ground agricultural limestone start to work immediately after application?

A. Yes. Particle size analyses of commercially prepared aglime samples by several labs show that conventionally ground aglime normally contains up to 25 percent minus 100-mesh material. Particles in the size range require little or no time to dissolve and start reacting as soon as contact with the soil is made. The result; measurable soil pH changes occur within a month or less after aglime application due to the presence of these extremely fine particles.

All of Brookville Lime’s agricultural products have organic certification with Ecocert Canada.