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Brookville Manufacturing - Aglime and Crushed Stone
Agricultural Research

Soil test immediately after the harvest. Then apply aglime in fall.

Aglime reacts at varying rates under different soil and weather conditions. Best results occur when it is applied in fall to assure needed reduction of acidity by planting time.

Crop response to aglime is greatest when incorporated. If you fall plow, fall application is your best alternative - another reason to soil test early.

Industrial / Construction

At Brookville, we understand your commercial and industrial needs.

3" MINUS - Various construction uses.

1 1/4" MINUS - Various construction uses.

8-4" CLEAR - Stone used for gabion baskets. Also used around culverts and on side hills.

MILL FEED - Drainage rock.

1 1/2-3/4" CLEAR - Drainage rock.

If your requirements are a little less demanding, visit our Residential products page.